Outpatient Counseling Services

Drug and Alcohol and Department of Transportation (DOT) Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Evaluations
A drug and/or alcohol evaluation is sometimes done as a self-referral, but most of the time it is performed at the request of an employer or prospective employer. In the case of the DOT SAP evaluation it is likely the result of a DOT positive urine drug screen. The evaluation contains many of the same components as the DUI assessment and may include a urine drug screen, if requested.

During the initial visit, you must complete a self-assessment and provide a history of your substance use. In addition, I conduct an interview to obtain some general information about you. During the interview, I ask you detailed questions about your current and past drug use and attempt to find out about the types of problems caused by or made worse by your substance use and abuse. As you respond, I listen carefully to you and do not judge you in any way.

The initial visit typically takes between 2-3 hours. On a case-by-case basis, I may extend my evaluation to include contacts with your family and friends.

DUI Assessment
The DUI assessment meets the requirements of the Washington State Department of Licensing under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW).  This assessment is typically mandated by a court when an individual is cited for a driving offense in which alcohol and/or other drugs played a role.

During the initial visit, I attempt to obtain some general information about you. I ask you specific questions about your current and past substance use and ask you to complete a diagnostic questionnaire. During the interview, I attempt to explore in detail the types of problems caused by or made worse by your substance use and abuse, such as problems you have on the job or with your spouse or significant other. I ask you about your life situation, specifically about any criminal or legal issues that are a result of your drug use and any emotional or psychological problems you are experiencing. As you respond, I listen carefully to you and do not judge you in any way.

A drug and alcohol evaluation typically takes between 2-3 hours to complete, during which time I obtain an in depth profile on you. Based on my evaluation, I will recommend a treatment plan and specify its duration. The length of the prescribed treatment varies on a case-by-case basis.

Suboxone Counseling
This service supports those who are currently being prescribed Suboxone as a pharmaceutical intervention for opiate addiction.

If you are currently taking Suboxone to treat your dependence on opiates, the service helps you reach your recovery goals. The focus is to teach you coping skills and techniques to avoid the triggers that lead to relapse.

This service is delivered in individual and/or group sessions. The length of treatment depends on the needs of the client.

Early Intervention/Education
This service is intended to assist those individuals who have experienced problems related to their alcohol/drug use but do not have a problem with substance abuse or dependence.

The service helps you explore your relationship with alcohol and other drugs by examining the factors that place you at risk for more serious problems related to your substance use. The goal is to increase your understanding and awareness of your substance use and help you make behavioral and attitudinal changes that will reduce future risk of drug use.

This service is delivered in individual and/or group sessions of 1-20 hours in length, depending on the needs of the client.

Relapse Prevention
This service is intended for individuals who have successfully participated in an intensive outpatient or residential inpatient treatment program and who have generally displayed success at maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle. However, they have either recently experienced a relapse or they are showing an increase in the signs and symptoms of relapse. 

This is a skills-based service that focuses on developing and strengthening your intrapersonal skills (ability to deal with anger, anxiety, emptiness, and depression) and interpersonal skills (ability to relate to other people) in order to help you effectively deal with setbacks and avoid relapses.

Individual and Group Outpatient Counseling (American Society for Addiction Medicine Level 1.0)
This service is provided for individuals who have been identified as having a substance use disorder (alcohol or drug). 

Your participation in this service is based on the counselor's evaluation that you can benefit from counseling that is less intense than extended outpatient or residential/inpatient services. 

Individual and group sessions are available. The intensity of treatment varies from 1-8 hours a week.

24/7 Dad Programs
7 Habits of a 24/7 Dad fatherhood program consists of 8, 1-hour or 4, 2-hour sessions that combine fundamental fathering principles from National Fatherhood Initiatives (NFI's) 24/7 Dad programs with Franklin Covey's timeless 7 Habits. This activity-filled program guides men as they adopt and apply seven helpful habits that will revolutionize your fathering skills and help you connect with your kids.

Referral Assistance
This service assists clients with identifying resources for mental health, family, and/or couples counseling, as well as other services not provided by the Juanita Center.

Consulting Services

Family Support and Assistance
The impact of substance abuse and addiction on families can be destabilizing to the family unit, emotionally upsetting, and sometimes tragic. Substance abuse and addiction affect not only the person who is using but have profound and lasting effects on the family and friends of the person who is abusing or addicted to alcohol and other drugs.

The Juanita Center understands the importance of involving family, close friends, and other influential people in exploring and finding solutions to intervene and promote treatment for their loved ones in need.

The Juanita Center offers this service on a consultative basis to aid family and friends who are struggling with the substance abuse and/or addiction/alcoholism of friend or family member.

The service is offered in individual sessions or in small groups. The key function is to provide support, to help clients learn to establish healthy and effective boundaries, and to teach techniques to relieve stress and achieve emotional freedom.

Preceptorship Agency Consultation
This service is provided to chemical dependency providers who want to obtain an objective evaluation of their operations from a clinical and administrative perspective.

The Preceptor who contracts with your agency provides onsite clinical supervision and mentoring to alcohol and drug counselors. Additionally, as your agency's Preceptor I serve as an expert consultant and typically provide weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly support to the agency's assigned counselors. As your agency's Preceptor I offer staff development, training, technical assistance, and quality control through the development of an individualized tutorial relationship with each counselor. It is a unique program of professional growth and development for each supervised counselor.

This service may also include an evaluation of teamwork among your staff and the use of collaborative exercises to develop effective communication and problem-solving skills and to build a sense of team in your group.

Clinical Supervision and Mentorship for Chemical Dependency Professionals and Trainees
This service takes place on site at the Juanita Center. It is designed to help chemical dependency professional counselors and counselors-in-training further expand their clinical skills.

Participants will address issues related to transference and counter-transference, which can negatively impact their professional development and present ethical dilemmas. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to develop effective counselor traits, among them empathy, self-disclosure, genuineness, spontaneity, concreteness, active listening, and interpretation of nonverbal cues.