Welcome to
The Juanita Center

The Juanita Center is an outpatient substance-abuse counseling program located in Mukilteo, WA. We are a Washington state certified chemical dependency treatment provider.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse or addiction to alcohol and other drugs, call The Juanita Center today to get help and start on the path to recovery.


Recovery is possible.

You do not have to go it alone.

The power is within you.

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(425) 328-9528

Our Goal

To assist our clients in evaluating how their use of alcohol and other drugs has impacted their lives and to help them make important decisions and choices related to substance use. 

Our Vision

To provide the highest quality care to our clients that will make a positive and lasting difference in their lives and our communities.

Our Mission

To develop an individualized plan for each client that will bring about an improved quality of life that is free of substance abuse.

We understand that choosing the right program is important to helping our clients achieve their goals. There are many differences between our services and those of other programs. Click this link to read why choosing the The Juanita Center over other providers could be the right decision for you.